About aroundthewell.ca

Welcome to aroundthewell.ca!  This weekly blog was the creation of new and younger religious (55ish and younger) at retreats held in Saskatoon in 2017 and 2018.  We are all Canadians or religious who minister in Canada.  It was thought that having a blog where we could celebrate the joy, challenges and life that being a Religious, at this age or stage offers to one another and the world.  Our primary audience is intended to be younger and new religious but we are also hoping our postings will be appreciated by many others who visit the blog.  We came up with the name “Around the Well” because we are aware of our common “thirst” for Jesus’ presence and have noticed in the scriptures that he likes to meet and talk with people in casual gathering places – like a well.  Blogs will be posted once a week.  Hope you come back soon!

Retreats that took place in Saskatoon, SK.  2017 (above) and 2018 (below)

Click here to see a video of the 2018 retreat.