Tiny Home Takeout Anyone?

By: Toby Collins, CR

We’ve all read the story about our true home in heaven being like a mustard seed or the yeast we add to dough. In both cases things grow exponentially and everyone is provided for.

Recently at St. Mary’s Church in downtown Kitchener a Tiny Home Takeout window was opened for everyone in the community to “Grab a bite, and give if they can.” The idea was planted 2 years ago when leadership and lay people at the parish saw a need for quality food in parts of the community that were struggling to pay rent and eat well – if shelter was even possible. Fundraising lead to hiring an outreach coordinator, renovating a kitchen, and adding a chef. All of which have given the leaven to the the dough that provides an average of 140 personal pizzas per night. And if pizza isn’t your thing there is always a meatless soup, chili or pasta on the menu.

It is with gratitude to God for the scriptures from which this seed was planted that we at St. Mary’s give thanks. And, of course, we also give thanks for the opportunity our charism of hope has given to the 3 Resurrectionists who live here to remind everyone that with God’s love things grow exponentially and everyone is provided for. For more information please visit tinyhometakeout.com. Photo by: Michael Messner

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