How are Your Relationships?

For any human being relationships are a significant part of who we are and how we come to discover a bit more of how we want to be.  Relationships are fundamental to our development. How often do we reflection on our relationships? How often do we look at the relationships we have beyond our comfort zone? How often do we consider the dignity of our relationships?

“To recognize the Other is to recognize a hunger. To recognize the Other is to give. …I can recognize the gaze of the stranger, the widow, and the orphan only in giving or in refusing.”   – Emmanuel Levinas

Where in our lives do we allow this hunger to feed our heart and soul?Where are the stranger, widows, and orphans in our lives as religious?How are we giving of ourselves? Where are we refusing? Looking for an Advent tune up with these thoughts?

I recommend seeing the film Green Book in theatres now. It offers much for reflection on relationship, human dignity, family dynamics and friendship as we head into the Advent Season. Can we see Jesus our Emmanuel – God with us – in our every day? In our relationships?

“Every person, from the first moment of life in the womb, has an inviolable dignity, because from all eternity God willed, loved, created, and redeemed that person and destined that person for eternal happiness. “ – CCC 1699-1715

           Written by: Br. Michael Perras, OFM

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