What Brings Us Life As Religious Today?

Today is World Day of Consecrated Life. As younger and newer religious women and men across Canada, we have so much to be grateful to God for. We have heard and answered God’s call and we continue to respond daily to God’s gift of living water. We meet Around the Well as a community of communities asking Jesus to, “give me this water, so that I may never be thirsty” (John 4:15). By the gift of our lives, we love God deeply, listen attentively to where God is calling us to serve, and live simply.

In these unprecedented times, what brings us life as Religious today?

I am energized by my conversations and shared ministry experiences with other newer younger Religious who’ve also chosen this counter-cultural vowed life
– Kristine, CSJ

The opportunity to say ‘Yes’ each day to the invitation from God, sustained by prayer, joy and community
– Eileen, rsm

Being able to journey with people in times of grief and need gives me life as a religious, because I know that in that moment, I am the face of Christ for the people I am meeting
– Steven, CSB

The opportunity to pray, share, and discuss contemporary experiences of religious life with members of other religious congregations gives me a lot of life and hope!
– Sarah, IBVM

Simple but not so simple – JOY – I live in a community of women who love life – lives are not simple and there have been challenges but these sisters still live with joy and always with HOPE.
– Costanza, CSJ

The thought that I am not doing any of this alone… God brought me in, and the safety net are my brothers and sisters in Christ.
– Connie, SNJM

In this time, our religious life is difficult because of Covid 19. But now I change another way of doing Mission connecting with others online
– Nwe Ni, RNDM

Good communication when it comes to community life or ministry – the more we speak honestly and listen with intention, the more we bring about the Kingdom of God through religious life in the Church.
– Michael, C.Ss.R. 

Personal and communal prayer.
– Jacinta, RNDM  

Seeing the hope in our young people, who want and are striving to make a difference in their communities.
– Donna, CSJ

The love and support I experience in community life, reminding me that I never go through life’s challenges alone
– Toby, C.R.

Feeling connected to the sisters in my Congregation, and in other Congregations, being nourished by my Congregation’s and the Church’s spiritual resources and feeling that I can be of service to my brothers and sisters in general. – Céline, NDSC

Being present to another, listening to their story and honoring Christ in it!
– Michael, ofm

The happiness of being part of creating community no matter where God places me by networking people of different generations, orientations, cultures and spiritualities, and following the legacy of my founder Marguerite d’Youville.
– Isabelle, SGM

The hope that arises when others’ yes to God’s call, dare to dream and actualise a future together, committed to the Gospel in community, prayer and service.
– Michelle, SNJM

In solidarity, we reflect on the words of Pope Francis and pray with all the People of God;

Dear brothers and sisters, let us thank God for the gift of the consecrated life and ask of God a new way of looking, that knows how to see grace, how to look for one’s neighbour, how to hope” Vigil mass World Day of Consecrated Life, 2020

Thanks Be to God!