Inspiration to Live Religious Life

As a teenager, I remember hearing the words, “I have called you by name and you are mine” Isaiah 42:1-2. These words were my inspiration to leave all things and follow Jesus in religious life.

I grew up in a small village in a family that practiced the Catholic faith for generations. My first teacher was my mom, who nurtured my faith through prayer and religious practice. I believe my parents’ prayers and example encouraged me to respond to the call to Religious life.

I attended school with the Missionaries of Christ Jesus, who introduced me to religious life; however, I did not feel called to join them. God’s plan was that I join the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. I was attracted to their way of life and their call to serve the poor, orphans, women, the underprivileged and marginalized.

As I discerned my call to religious life, I was inspired by the life of Euphrasie Barbier, our Foundress. From an early age, she had a strong determination to go beyond her culture and devote herself to the missions. She had first joined the Sisters of Compassion, and the superior wrote of her, “I have never known anyone so firm, so tenacious in business matters. She loves God with all her heart, is full of charity towards her sisters, respectful and affectionate towards her superiors and zealous for the salvation of souls”…

The testimony of her spiritual director is also inspiring. “She is an excellent religious, a zealous soul ready to sacrifice everything for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. With prompt, unquestioning obedience she goes forward throwing herself wholeheartedly into whatever tasks her superiors assign to her without giving a thought to obstacles. She is entirely a woman of God, and the best instrument that I know of in His hands”.

Her writings and the story of her life inspires me to build my relationship with God and treasure the gift of my vocation.

Her words are my daily inspiration, “My daughter – How do you live your Religious Life in today’s world?”

“Yes, Mother – I try to live one day at a time; I value your spirituality and charism as a particular gift to understand the Trinity as the source of all my missionary activity.”

Then I hear her words,
“Let us love him in joy and thankfulness.
Let us love him in silence and song.
Let us love him in recollection and prayer, in studies and work, in rest and activity.
Oh, yes! Let us love him always, always, always and let us love one another in him”.

Blog post by: Jacinta Dkhar RNDM



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