How important is a small community or a group companion in a journey?

Belonging to a small community of like-minded people gives me support and helps me to dream and hope in the journey of life.  That is what I like about the 55ish and under group.  Outside of their respected communities they come together to share and hope, to reflect together and support and inspire one another.  I was able to join the group retreat and being with them twice made me reflect on the importance of companionship with people at the same stage of the journey.  With a guided retreat director,  Sr. Mary Rowell, I was able to reflect, and experienced a meaningful journey as a sister in community life, but at the same time hearing the insights and reflection of the 55ish members gives me so much hope and inspiration and meaning of my vocation.  The sense of having a community outside your own community is widening a horizon of companionship on a journey.  As an international student, not a citizen of this country, the group companionship of one another is always an insightful and meaningful journey, as well as, their welcoming spirit to others like me.

The 55ish group reminds me of Jesus’ journey during his passion where there were group of men and women who were with him, believing that amidst (Mk 15:40-47) challenges, as as long as there is a community of believers who hope and trust him, you find consolation and hope. A community who always dreams with Christ, trusts his Words and calls them to respond. Jesus inspires them that to believe in him is to believe that life that he is offering is but a journey towards a hopeful life  (Mk 16:1-8) resurrected with Christ, and finds the support of the  community, good companions on a journey. Happy Easter People!

Submitted by Sr. Vangie Lasao, SSS

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