Searching for Justice

At a recent social zoom gathering young religious form across Canada and parts or the U.S. shared reflections on the recent protests to remind us all that black lives matter.  Below is a comment from one of the Sisters present.  We also talked about a helpful youtube videos in trying to understand the injustice and how grace is at work in our present day.  May God continue to help us to live together in peace as beloved and equal to each other in our common human dignity!  Thank you to those who offered the following quote and video links.

“The struggle is that those on the privileged side are both insulted and isolated from the struggles of the marginalized. Probably we will gradually come to where an injustice everywhere becomes a search for justice everywhere. The Catholic social teaching are all about that.

Sr. Evelyn Mayanja, FDCC 

Life of Privilege Explained in a $100 Race


The amazing true story behind a viral photo of protesters protecting a Louisville officer

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